Special gifts for account replenishment

19 January 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The winter has filled not only the nature behind the window with white shine, but also the precious gold. In the morning, it was discovered that all the gold in the Treasury is covered with frost - but by taking a closer look, the treasures discovered that that are rare white runes shining there!

On this weekend only - the gold getting to the Treasury will draw not only different crystals, but also white runes in!

Valuable game gifts!

During this weekend, from 12 p.m. GMT +3 19th of January until 12 p.m. 22nd of January, replenish your account and receive valuable gifts - including rare white runes!

!Attention, the gifts will be given to you not at the time you will replenish your account, but
on 23rd of January at 8 p.m.!


The amount of Gold


  100-249 50 Prime crystals + white rune
  250-499 150 Prime crystals + 3 white runes
  500-749 300 Prime crystals + 5 white runes + 10 legendary crystals

400 Prime crystals + 7 white runes + 20 legendary crystals

  1000-1499 600 Prime crystals + 10 white runes + 30 legendary crystals
  1500+ 1000 Prime crystals +10 white runes +30 legendary crystals + a month of Golden Age

Please notice that:

  • Bonus Gold, received with the help of runes or other special events, does not count;
  • You can receive an unlimited number of gifts while the event is active;
  • The sum of payments is not summarized, so in order to receive the desired gift, you should replenish your account with the required amount at a time.

Your Prime World Team