Update 11.7.1

17 January 2018

Lords and Ladies!

11.7.1. update is installed on our servers, Heroes are ready to welcome their Lords and Ladies!

The end of the New Year holidays

During the New Year holidays, Heroes were bringing snowballs, which could be exchanged for legendary talents or Golden Age, to the Castles, the New Year tree was providing Lords with legendary talents, too, and the lairs of Kitton and the Fire Drake were decorated with snow and presents.

But the New Year magic is coming to its end and it is time to clear the battlefields from snow and hide the New Year tree until the nest New Year comes.

New Year Snowball

Snowballs are no longer given for daily quests and cannot be dropped for fighting. It also can't be used for reforging legendary talents and all the quests regarding their exchange have ended.

The snowballs you gathered remain in your Castles and you can use them as usual "orange" talents - effectively improve talents, reforge them or sell them.


In order to make the battles even more dynamic and captivating and help the "forester" Heroes be more useful the passive inflow of Prime has been increased.

  • The passive inflow of Prime has been increased from 3 to 4 at a time.



The new Hero has swiftly entered the battlefields and has already gathered recognition from many players. However, some of his talents were rather difficult to implement.

This is why in 11.7.1 update part of his abilities have been adjusted.


Bombing Strike

  • The time taken for the bomb to be dropped has been decreased from 3 to 1.8 seconds.
  • The area of maximum damage has been increased by 10%.

Aimed Fire

  • Now, after the improvement talent is learned, the shell flies not to the selected target, but as far as it can. The damage done to enemies located forward and behind the target equals 60% from damage done to the main target.
  • Fixed the issue due to which damage modifiers worked on all the enemies striken..

Rocket Strike

  • The speed of flight is increased by 10%
  • The damage is increased by 5% and equals from 79 to 654 (depending on Intellect) now

Fixed an issue which lead to Aviator receiving damage and negative effects from traps during using Tactical maneuver



The new ultimate has made Priestess one of the most useful support Heroes.

Yet in some common game situations, her shield was making her overpowered.


Shield of Mercy

  • Shield's duration was reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.


Moira / Hexe

Moira's Walpurgis Night has become one of the most useful alternative ultimates and proved itself great in battles.

Yet in some common game situations, the usage of this ultimate granted an easy win in massive fights which is not suitable.


Walpurgis Night

  • Now, after selecting the area the ultimate will work in, the Heroine charges a blast which flies to the chosen area and activates the Walpurgis Night. It gives the enemy Heroes a little time to react to this ability and leave the dangerous area.



The hero who raised to fame in a moment is still feeling herself amazing on the battlefields.

However, the Heroine has received too much power. In 11.7.1 update her self-healing abilities effectiveness and penetration bonuses were reduced.


Power Surge

  • The amount of Health restored has been reduced by 5% and now equals 15-1312 (depending on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater)

The bonuses added to Cunning and Agility received per level have been reduced by 10%



Even though the Heroine remained a very popular mid lane hero, she did not unlock her full potential.

So, in the new update, her talents which help to use the Intellect and Strength build were improved.


Ice Splinter

  • The damage dealt by this ability has been increased from 120-1075 to 125-1135 (depending on Intellect)

Bitter Cold

  • The amount of damage the shield absorbs has been increased by 10% and now equals 77-679 (depending on Strength)



The Heroine's alternative ultimate remained too hard to use in many game situations.

This is why in 11.7.1 update it was changed a bit - with enlarged attack area the realization of Bombardment in massive fights will become easier.



  • The attack radius of the ability had been increased by 7%



The melodies of the Bards in Intellect build will become even more effective.

The alternative ultimate will increase the class abilities' damage.


Soul Melody

  • The ultimate's bonus to class talents has been increased from 35% to 40%.


"The symbol of the forest" set

This is a great set for casting Heroes, nevertheless, it was not always the most desirable one among the other talents, and the "Forest might" talent was the most unpopular one.

The sixth line of talents is the most important part of the build and the choice of talents for it is sometimes even too hard.

Forest Might

  • Additional damage caused by class abilities increased by 2,5% (instead of 2%).


"Might of the Destroyer" set

Upon using this set, auto attack Heroes were able to kill the Fire Drake on low levels, and this made them too powerful.

In 11.7.1 update we've reconsidered the damage system used on the main "bosses" of the Borderlands with the help of this set.

  • Additional damage dealt to the Fire Drake and Kitton is reduced from 5% to 3%. Yet the additional damage upon Heroes remained the same - 5%.
  • Also, the additional damage from this set is now a pure one, not physical like it was before.


"Unstable protection" set

A lot of time had passed from the moment of the release of this legendary set of talents, and the game reality had changed a lot since then.

In today's reality, this set often rested on the shelves of the Library - mostly because of the chance of its activation, and this is not what a tank Hero desires. This is why we've removed the chance of activation and renamed the set to "Stable protection", so that it suits the changed mechanics better.

  • Now the set always protects the Hero who owns it without any chances of activation or recharge time.
  • At the same time the amount of damage absorbed had reduced and now equals 50 instead of 54.
    "Unshakable triumph" set


"Indomitable Rejoicing" set

The use of this set was sometimes was even more difficult than its purple analog.

The restriction of the number of Heroes to whom this effect applies to had been deleted. Now it applies to all Heroes, both allied and hostile ones, nearby.




Fixed an error with incorrect display of "Don't make me angry!" ability status


Soul Catcher

Fixed an issue with applying shields to the allies.



Fixed an issue when the Hero was unable to throw the enemy, who managed to use blink or any other ability alike, over him.

"Desperate moment" set

  • Fixed an issue which caused cancellation of the reducing the recovery time effect, - which appeared from other previously learned talents, - when studying any talent from this set.
  • Fixed an issue due to which this set was not getting activated by Healer's Land's Blessing skill.


  • In 11.7.1 update the issues preventing this mode from working correctly were fixed.

See you on the battelfields.

Your Prime World Team