Mysterious merchant

12 January 2018

Lords and Ladies!

During the New Year holidays Heroes had been bringing snowballs to the castles, Lords and Ladies exchanged them for talents, Golden Age days or used for reforging legendary talents.

And now a mysterious merchant is coming to the Castles, ready to offer various valuable rewards in exchange for snowballs!

Mysterious merchant

Today a new quest chain has appeared in the Castles, replacing the daily snowballs exchange quests. By completing it, you will be able to receive lots of valuable rewards, starting from white runes and ending with legendary talents from the latest set released!

Hurry up to beat up all the stages - the quests will be available only until 2 p.m. GMT+3 17th of January. Please take notice that the next stage will open right after the previous one is completed. So, you can complete it as soon as you have the amount of snowballs needed.




  Exchange 120 snowballs 3 white runes
  Exchange 140 snowballs 5 random exclusive talents from the “Awakening” set
  Exchange 170 snowballs 3 random legendary talents from the “The Age of Legends” set
  Exchange 200 snowballs

3 random legendary talents from the “Legend of the Conquerors” set


  • New Year event is coming to its end. Soon the new year tree will disappear from the Castles, and same goes for snowballs. You won’t be able to exchange them for rewards or use them for reforging anymore.

Hurry up to receive all the rewards!

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