New Year Presents!

29 December 2017

Dear Friends!

Magic has truly come to Praia! You can sense it in your castle as well as on the battlefields. The last month was filled with pleasant festive surprises and brought us some great innovations!

Today we congratulate all of you on the coming New Year! We wish you bright victories, brave enemies and polite allies! And, of course, we have prepared festive gifts for you! You can find them in your Castles!

Seasonal greetings & presents!

Festive fun has already come to Praia, while some Heroes are choosing their favorite festive Skins, others test a new legendary talent set on the battlefields! Now all we need to do is to wait for the New Year to come!


And here is one more surprise for you – a special quest with precious rewards. The only thing you have to do is to change one food for:

  • 1 day of Golden Age
  • 2 random legendary talents
  • 15 Snowballs

Happy Holidays!

Your Prime World Team