Festive Action in the Fair!

29 December 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Your favorite Black Friday action is no on! The merchants decided to celebrate and filled their storages with rare goods. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with us!

Festive Black Friday

The assortment renewal is almost free, it costs only one silver coin, also selected fields remain permanently, which means there is no limit set to the renewal amount! This way, everyone can renew the assortment until he or she finds the necessary items!


Five days, from 9:00 (UTC) 29 December till 9:00 (UTC) on January 3d, buy goods in the Fair with no limits!

  • Renew the assortment for only 1 Silver
  • Purchased fields remain permanently

Unicorn is back in Praia for a short period of time!

During the New Year Holidays Unicorn is available again only till 9:00 UTC January 9! You can buy a collectable House for your Pet: Unicorn!


You can find a special quest in your Castles. You need to change 69 gold for collectable Pet’s House: Unicorn! When you complete the quest, you can build a Unicorn House!


  • During this event, jackpots, as well as the offer "Legendary crystal for 2 Prime crystals" and “40,000 resources” and “10,000 silver for resources” will be removed from the Fair. The price of these offers is directly linked to the rare chance, which in its turn is completely covered by the possibility of unlimited assortment renewal.
  • In order to not overload the payment server with multiple requests, offers for 3,5,8 Prime crystals were deleted from the Fair. Instead an offer with "24 Prime crystals for 9 Gold" was added to the assortment.
  • The payment server may be overloaded with many requests and you may see question mark in the right angle of the Castle where there is a gold mark. Please do not worry, everything will be fine in couple minutes without any other actions.

Festive Black Friday has started!

Your Prime World Team