New Year Update

28 December 2017

Lords and Ladies!

New Year Patch is live on the servers, and our heroes are ready to greet their lords and ladies!

New Year Decorations

The holidays have come to the lands of Praia! The Borderlands are blanketed in snow, and the lairs of Kiton and the Fire Drake are covered in snow and presents.

But the holiday changes go beyond the battlefield. A Christmas tree has appeared in castle warehouses that can not only adorn your courtyard, but also grants lords and ladies 2 legendary crystals (4 of each during a Golden Age) every 8 hours! Don't forget to collect your gifts in time, since more crystals will only appear if there's room under the tree.


  • in order for the Christmas Tree to start producing crystals it needs to be taken from the building warehouse and built.
  • The clan wars map has also been covered in snow.

NY Snowballs!

Festive quests can be found in the Castles. They are really frosty and festive with a special subject – “Snowball’! You can find all details about it in this news.

NY Skins!

Come check out the new holiday skins in your castles! There are familiar, beloved skins, as well as a brand new one!

Grandpa Pilot

Hero: Aviator
Features: new voice, new effects
Price: 29 gold

Let's warm them with our finest hospitality during these chilly holidays!

Hero: Woodsman/Witch Doctor
19 gold
Hero: Raven
19 gold
Hero: Fixie/Fairy Queen
19 gold
Hero: Мими
19 gold
Frost Magician
Hero: Mage/Sorcerer
19 gold
Merry Scout
Hero: Marksman/Hunter
19 gold
Hero: Healer/Priestess
19 gold
19 gold

All holiday skins will be available for purchase until 4:00 PM EST on January 9th.

Don't miss out!

Your Prime World Team