New Hero is on his way!

07 December 2017

Lords and Ladies!

The news come from the most distant corners of Praia. They say strange noises were heard near the Grey Ocean.
Someone claims that they are like fireworks, others say the sounds are similar to the working motor gnash. It is almost impossible to see this unusual phenomenon because of the dense Fog.

But the Heroes are sure – a New Hero is coming! Fortunetelling sphere from Witch's closet has confirmed their guesses. It has schematically shown the approaching Hero.


We are glad to announce a new Hero coming to Praia before Christmas! You can get him for free if you guess what is on the middle picture.

It is shiny and metallic on one side and wild and scaring on the other. The first 3 Lords and Ladies who guess the name of the detail on the middle picture will receive him for free!

Your Prime World Team