Winter Fun!

06 December 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Winter has come to Praia and in a moment or two everything will become crystal white. The Heroes are ready to melt the ice in hot battles. Despite winter! Their heroism will be rewarded – first presents are under the Christmas tree!

Winter Fun!

A huge winter quest has begun! The reward is really precious – 10 white runes, 10 random legendary talents and one of the most actual axes - Fury Dominance!

From 9:00 UTC December 6th till 9:00 UTC December 26th complete all quests in a quest chain and receive a precious reward!





Make 20 wins in Borderlands

10 random legendary Talents

Collect 1,500,000 Prime in Borderlands

10 white Runes


Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 50 times in Borderlands

Fury Dominance


Earn 10,000 achievement points in Borderlands



  • This is not a regular quest chain, but one huge quest that is divided into several tasks. You have to complete all tasks to receive a reward!
  • You can complete several steps in one battle – for example, you can make both collect 30,000 Prime and kill 10 Fire Drake or the Kitton. Everything will be included into the huge quest.
  • Attention! If you change the client into Russian, German or any other language, the progress of the quest won’t be saved.

Get yourself warm on the battlefield!

Your Prime World Team