Update 11.6.2

06 December 2017

Dear Lords and Ladies,

Our technical works are over, the Heroes are ready to greet you in your Castles!



The Hero’s alternative ultimate was hard to use in comparison to the ‘classic’ version.

So a reduction to damage taken was added to the alternative ultimate.


Eye for an Eye

  • The Hero’s alternative ultimate now also reduces incoming magic and physical damage by 5%.



In spite of the previous rebalance of Katana’s skills, she still had too much freedom in a range of in-game situations.

Now the Heroine will have to be even more careful in using her third skill. In addition, the boosts to offensive stats were reduced.


  • Boosts to Cunning and Agility received for damage reduced by 10%

Fiery Ghost

  • Ability cooldown is now 18 seconds (instead of 17).



Ha’Ka’s new ultimate ability has proved itself on the battlefield.


However, using it to its full effectiveness – hitting three enemies at once – was a far from easy task.


Shield of Justice

  • Shield flight speed increased by 10%.


  • Added display of radius in which the shield can ricochet.



The unique mechanic of Oaksmasher’s superskill made him an excellent jungler in many respects.

However, using the full might of the ultimate was very hard – especially at the teamfight stage


Mighty Shock

  • Boost to ultimate ability damage increased to 40% (instead of 35%) for every enemy hero hit.


  • Pets (kitten, cub, unicorn) are now invisible to enemies if they do not see the owner hero
  • Fixed a bug with altering font size.
  • Fixed a bug that often played the incorrect sound when choosing a hero in the Castle.
  • Removed ‘ultimate’ from Fay’s Fairies’ Rage skill description.
  • Added skill duration to the description of the Berserker’s Furious Hurricane ability.

Your Prime World Team