Patch 11.6.1

23 November 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Maintenance works are over, the Heroes are ready to greet you in your Castles!

New skins!

In the expanses of Praia, meet: the fierce Goldmane and the dark Cryomancer, ready and able to demonstrate their power on the battlefield!



Original hero: Fang/Claw
Features: new voiceover
Price: 69 gold



Original hero:Cryo/Blizzard
Features: new voiceover, sex change
Price: 99 gold

New talent set!

Life’s Path

In update 11.6.1, the assortment of talents that restore Health has been added to with a new legendary set. In contrast to Life-Giving Radiance, which restores Health to the hero in stages, Life’s Path is far closer in its mechanics to the classic ‘cookie’ – it restores Health to the owning hero instantly.

The active talent of the set can be improved by two passive talents – choose the one you like best – increase restored Health, reduce cooldown time or get extra points to your base stats!

Life’s Path

  • required grade: II
  • prime cost to learn: 500
  • taste of Life restores 260 Health when used.

Path of Fury

  • required grade: I
  • prime cost to learn: 350
  • increases Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater) by 4.8;
  • the cooldown time of the Life’s Path talent is reduced by 11 sec.

Path of Strength

  • required grade: III
  • prime cost to learn: 675
  • increases Strength by 10
  • the Life’s Path talent passively increases the hero’s Strength by 5.

Path of Intellect

  • required grade: III
  • prime cost to learn: 675
  • increases Intellect by 10;
  • the Life’s Path talent passively increases the hero’s Intellect by 5.

Path of Harmony

  • required grade: IV
  • prime cost to learn: 825
  • increases Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater) by 9;
  • increases Health by 100;
  • the Life’s Path talent restores 175 more Health.

Please note: the active talent of the set has an overall timeout for use with unique active talents – just like the other ‘cookies’, including Life-Giving Radiance. At the same time, this set has no overall timeout for use with other legendary talents.

Display of allied ultimate readiness

One of the most important parts of victory is cooperating well with your allies – particularly in team battles. And knowing whether your ally’s ultimate ability is ready or not is very important. After all, correctly using combinations of various heroes’ ultimates can completely turn the tide of battle.

In update 11.6.1, we added an indicator to show when ultimates are ready. We hasten to add that this will extend only to allies – the status of enemy ultimates will be unknown.

The indicator is in the same place where the current hero level is shown


You can also see the state of your allies’ ultimates on the stats screen



  Accordingly, the indicator can display one of three states:
  1) Ultimate not learned; ultimate cannot be used right now; active ultimate deactivated:

2) Ultimate is ready for use; passive ultimate activated; active ultimate activated:


3) Ultimate is cooling down:

Here the indicator “fills up” as the ability cools down – accordingly, you can roughly see when your ally’s ultimate will be ready for use.

With the help of this new feature, you can always keep track of how much time your allies need before they can cast their ultimates again and whether they’re ready for a team battle right now.

Please note!

  • If the ultimate is ready for use, but the hero doesn’t have enough Energy to use it, the indicator will still be lit up.
  • If the ultimate is ready for use, but the hero is silenced, the indicator will still be lit up.



With her blistering rush onto the battlefield, Katana proved herself a fine fighter on the battlefield.

However, some abilities gave the heroine too great advantage. On the other hand, Path of a Thousand Blades was too hard to use to its full potential without good teamwork.


Tiger Jump

  • ability damage reduced by 15%;
  • fixed a bug in which the stun after using the ability activated away from where the heroine landed.

Tactical Move

  • using Jump after Splitting Strike now deals no damage and stuns the opponent for 6 seconds instead of 5.

Fiery Ghost

  • ability cooldown time is now 17 seconds instead of 15;
  • fixed a range of bugs in which Katana was immune to control effects when under the effect of her third active talent (for example: now the heroine cannot ‘escape’ from the Wicked Trees of Witch Doctor/Woodsman).

Path of the Lone Blade

  • ability damage reduced by 10%;
  • fixed a bug in which the slow affected the enemy hero before the ability upgrade was learned.

Path of a Thousand Blades

  • ability damage increased by 15%;
  • now slows enemies that enter the ability effect area by 20%


  • now reduces enemy damage by 20% instead of 25%.



The hero’s alternative ultimate ability continues to enjoy high popularity among players.

However, in combination with other area-of-effect abilities, the damage dealt by Maiden turned out to be somewhat higher than expected.


Rainbow Leap

  • ability damage is now 120-1061 instead of 126-1116.



This powerful and massive hero didn’t always have enough damage to comfortably stand his ground in the lane in an aggressive meta.

So in update 11.6.1, Rumbler received a boost to his first offensive ability.



  • ability damage increased by 5%



The Strength variant of the talent set for this hero has undergone several changes after the introduction of the new ultimate ability.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that at the initial stages of the game, the Strength-built Vampire has been having a difficult time in comparison with his Intellect compatriots.


Deep Cutе

  • Damage increased by 5%



The alternative ultimate of this hero, which often chooses the role of jungler, was not always able to reach its full potential in the initial stage of the game.

So to make this ‘superability’ more effective for jungler, the alternative ultimate’s stun time was increased and its damage slightly improved.


Acidic Emission

  • the immobilization now lasts 2.5 seconds instead of 2;
  • ability damage increased to 140-1234.



The heroine’s alternative ultimate found its fans in the expanses of Praia.

However, it was often too difficult to use given the heroine’s low initial Agility and Agility growth.

  • initial Agility value increased to 48 from 47;
  • growth per level increased to 0.2 from 0.1.



In a range of in-game situations, the heroine’s new ultimate ability provided too great an advantage to her allies.

When invulnerable, the allied carry could deal a huge amount of damage unpunished without fearing any response from the enemy.


Shield of Mercy

  • damage of the ally ‘locked’ by invulnerability is reduced by 10% while the ultimate is active.


Way of the Dragon

One of the most in-demand sets, which provided heroes with the ability to get a second life, gave allies an excessive advantage in a range of in-game situations – when the hero was resurrected, all enemies nearby were subjected to random control effects.

At the same time, to prevent the dragonling from resurrecting, the hero had to perform 25 hits, which was a practically impossible task. Now you’ll need to deal 20 blows against the dragonling – which is more feasible for heroes.

  • the dragonling’s health has been reduced to 20.

Fiery Guard

In spite of a reduction in the firefly’s lifespan in a previous update, the set still left several laning heroes with the ability to an excessive advantage in a range of in-game situations.

So in update 11.6.1, the firefly’s lifespan has been reduced further, and the time between the blinding effect and the damage has been increased.


Bright Flame

  • now increases the firefly’s lifespan by 50 seconds instead of 60 (+10 seconds for each upgrade star instead of +15);
  • now the blinding effect and damage will activate no more than once every 20 seconds instead of 15.


  • A sample of a hero or skin’s voice in the Castle now plays immediately on opening, not just after switching between heroes or skins.



  • the Shield of Mercy can no longer work at the same time on the heroine and her ally if the Double Defense upgrade has not been learned.



  • you can now hear a sample of this skin’s voice in the Castle

See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team