New ultimate ability update

16 November 2017

Lords and Ladies!

It is high time to announce the next Hero who gets his ne alternative ultimate ability. Rumbler is the next Hero to receive his ult!

New alternative ultimate ability!


Firm and reliable — Quarrier — armed with an alternative ultimate ability won't need to wait for an opportunity use it on the group of opponents.

Having taken new superability Rumbler will direct all the force to the most dangerous Hero in enemy team.



Reactive Weight

  • The hero throws a weight at the selected enemy hero that deals 127-1116 damage and stuns the enemy for 2,5 seconds.


  • The Reactive Weight talent allows you to throw 2 weights at the enemy.


New ultimate ability is waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. 


Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.

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