New ultimate ability update

09 November 2017

Lords und Ladies!

It is high time to announce the next Hero who gets his ne alternative ultimate ability. Tu'Rechu is the next Hero to receive his ult!

New alternative ultimate ability!


Furious and uncontrollable — Tu'Rechu — with his new alternative ability will punish the enemies even after death.

Tu'Rechu’s new ult is a rare passive alternative ability. Having armed his new superability he will be able to punish enemies even after the death.



Eye for an eye

  • On death the Hero deals 153-1351 damage (based on Strength or Intellects, whichever is greater) to the enemy hero nearby with the highest Health.


  • If the enemy is not killed by the Eye for an Eye talent, the Hero respawns after 10 sec.


New ultimate ability is waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. 


Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.

Your Prime World Team