Patch 11.6

02 November 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Our technical works are over, the Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!

New Hero!

Swift Katana with her fiery blade – welcome her to your Castles!


We have a pleasant surprise for you alongside the release of this heroine: Katana will appear in your Castles with two ultimates right from the start, each of which compliments fundamentally different builds and suits a specific style of play.

Like previous heroes, you can get Katana in one of three ways:

  • By completing a seven-day quest chain, after which you’ll be able to recruit Katana for 750,000 silver. The first quest in the chain is already available, and the last will be unlocked on November 9. Once you complete the last quest, a new quest will appear that will allow you to pay silver to recruit the hero.
  • The normal way to recruit Katana (buying for silver without having to complete any quests) will be available for all players with a Сastle level of 25 and up from November 16 onward.
  • You can also recruit Katana immediately for 299 gold.

With the release of this new hero, the price of Plague Doctor has been reduced to 500,000 silver and 199 gold.


Rewards already await you in the Castles for the maximum achievement throughout the Autumn Season: Hero frames, flags, the Stormherald season skin, and for some of you – even legendary talents!

In addition, remember that we tripled the reward in Prime Crystals in the Autumn Season! And the reward table looks like this:

For each Hero in a certain League
For a Hero with the maximum achievement in the Season
Legendary Talents (for each Hero)
Prime Crystals
Unique Seasonal Skin
150 (instead of 50)
330 (instead of 110)
1 random main talent from sets 1-4 (rating at or above 1700)
540 (instead of 180)

+ (rating is at or above 1700)

1 random main talent from sets 1-4
780 (instead of 260)
1 random main talent from sets 1-4 and 1 random main talent from set 5 (final)
1050 (instead of 350)

1 random main talent from sets 1-4 and 1 random main talent from set 5 (final).

1050 ( instead of 350)

Please note that rewards for Legendary League will only be awarded to those players whose Heroes were in the top 10 when the Season ended. The rewards for all the other Leagues are calculated by maximum achievement on this Hero throughout the Season.

For those players who, for whatever reason, are unaware of the concept of the Seasons, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the main information in the special section on them.

Seasonal Rating Reset

As at the start of the Autumn Season, at the start of the Winter Season we recalculate the hero ratings using a ‘soft’ system that will hold the interest of those at the top of the leaderboards without making the game too hard for those that are still on the path to conquering the heights of the top 10.

  • The ratings of Heroes in the Wooden or Stone Leagues will not be reset
  • If a Hero’s rating is at or above 2000, it will be reset to 1950.
  • In all other cases, Hero ratings will be reduced by precisely 50.

This option for recalculating ratings makes things more fluid, organic, and undoubtedly more pleasant for all players

Golden Age

We’ve seen a lot of feedback explaining that for players with their Castle and Heroes at a high level, Golden Age becomes less interesting.

So in update 11.6, we’re adding something to the bonuses that players receive for an active Golden Age, which should keep it interesting at any Castle level – Legendary Crystals! This means that Golden Age will be more interesting not only for players that are in the process of developing their lands, but also those who have already fully leveled their Castle and are now assembling talent collections for their favorite Heroes.

  • An active Golden Age now gives you a small chance to get valuable Legendary Crystals as a reward for battle. The chance of getting them is ‘borrowed’ from the drop chance of unique talents – accordingly, rewards of Prime Crystals or exclusive talents won’t suffer at all.
  • Additional talents for victory or defeat are now of only exclusive quality. Previously these talents could be unique or exclusive (the drop chance of oranges is the same as the drop chance in a common reward for battle).

In addition, we’ve also altered the cost of Golden Age! It now costs 30% less:

  • 30 days of Golden Age299 199 gold
  • 7 days of Golden Age 99 79 gold
  • 3 days of Golden Age49 45 gold



A previous small upgrade to this heroine’s alternative ultimate helped her to contribute more in team fights

However, to fully realize the potential of her Intellect build, Muse didn’t have quite enough skill effectiveness.


Soul Melody

  • Now strengthens all the hero’s class skills by 35% (instead of 30%)



The hero’s alternative ult found it hard to compete with the classic ult – players that prefer to jungle on Fang preferred the longer control.

However, in team fights, reducing enemy damage is still a very nice effect. So we’ve slightly strengthened the stun effect of Terrifying Howl so that the hero can unlock his full potential with the new ultimate.


Terrifying Howl

  • Now always stuns enemies struck. At the same time, the stun duration depends on the number of targets – the fewer there are, the longer the stun lasts:
    • if 1 target is hit, the stun duration is 2 seconds
    • if 2 targets are hit, the stun duration is 1.5 seconds
    • if 3 targets are hit, the stun duration is 1 second
    • if 4 or 5 targets are hit, the stun duration is 0.5 seconds


  • Fixed a bug causing Arcane Wyrm/Dragonfly to limitlessly restore Health using the Concentrated Ether skill and two talents from the Ancient Secrets subset
  • Fixed a bug causing players from last season to be counted when building rating lists at the Castle
  • Fixed a bug causing player nicks to be duplicated in rating lists in the Castle
  • Added information to S.Putnik’s Partisan tooltip about the hero’s 35% increased radius of attacks and Hello from the Front talent
  • Added information to S.Putnik’s Eagle Eye skill about the hero’s 25% increased vision radius and 70% increased radius on the Border Guard talent
  • Fixed a bug in which using the Take That talent of Toad Rider/Swamp King or the Piercing Spear talent of Jaeger/Wolf Dancer on a target with immunity to control effects would interrupt skill casting
  • Fixed a bug causing the Berserker to continue to use the Furious Hurricane skill after Toad Rider/Swamp King used the Swallow! skill on him
  • Fixed a bug causing Witch/Moira to be unable to use the Walpurgis Night skill when the effect from the Healer/Priestess Shield of Mercy skill is active
  • Fixed a bug in which the Healer/Priestess Shield of Mercy skill could be used twice in a row when the heroine’s Health was low
  • Fixed a bug in which the Cruel Art talent failed to reduce skill cooldown time after killing an enemy hero
  • Fixed a bug in which the Intellectual Aspiration talent not only added to the caster hero’s main stats, but also reduced their ability cooldown time
  • Fixed a bug in which Towers started attacking wards and fireflies after their owner died. Towers now no longer attack them

Known issues

Storm Thrower’s skin has no voice over in the Castle but it has it in the game. This bug will be fixed in one of the next updates.

See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team