Patch 11.5.3

12 October 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Our technical works are over, the Heroes are ready to greet you in your Castles!


Night Queen / Black Panther

Although interesting for her unique mechanics, in some in-game cases this heroine had a hard time fully realizing her potential due to difficulty in controlling her pet.

Meet a long-awaited people’s rebalance, already introduced to the game!


Feed the Panther

  • Health restoration increased to 63...651 (based on Intellect). At the same time, the ability now no longer depends on Native Terrain – the amount of Health restored remains unchanged


  • Now upgrading the skill does not add to Health Regeneration, but increases regeneration from the main talent to 28...286 Health (based on Intellect).
  • In addition, when the upgrade is learned, the Slashing Throw talent is also strengthened – for 3 seconds after it is used, damage dealt to the Panther is reduced by 10%

Tireless Hunter

  • If the heroine and her pet do not deal or take damage for 5 seconds, the Panther becomes invisible

Witch / Moira

The new ultimate ability was simple enough to use in a range of in-game situations

For that reason, the cast range and the created area itself have been increased slightly.


Walpurgis Night

  • ability cast range reduced by 10%;
  • the ‘cursed’ area created by the ability has also been reduced by 10%.



Reduced the passive addition of defensive stats from the third stance and increased the damage and Health Regeneration during the alternative ultimate’s effect.

This means that the strength build has been slightly weakened, and the intellect build – strengthened.


Protective Mist

  • the passive boost to the highest of the defensive characteristics has been reduced and is now 2...31.

Demon Mark

  • damage dealt and Health restored increased by 15%.


Bard / Muse

The heroine’s alternative ultimate went down well with players in intellect builds.

But in mass battles, it wasn’t so easy to make it reach its full potential


Soul Melody

  • now strengthens the heroine’s skills by 30% instead of 25%.


  • the reduction in the cooldown time of skills when the Soul Melody ability is active is now 25% instead of 20%.


The Fiery Guard subset, which was thoroughly reworked in the last update, has found its place in the talent sets of many heroes, including laning heroes

This did not completely answer the initial idea of the subset, which was designed first of all for junglers and support heroes. In addition, due to the long lifespan of the “firefly”, the subset brought excessive advantages owing to its extra damage in a variety of in-game situations

Bright Flame

  • now extends the lifespan of the “firefly” by 60 seconds instead of 180 (and adds 15 seconds to the lifespan for each star)




  • now correctly restores Health for Rage spent
  • the ability’s cooldown time is now correctly 10 seconds if used next to a sleeping Woodwose
  • fixed a bug in which using the ability with a Refresh Glyph and without enemy heroes within range would cause the ability to not need a cooldown until the end of the fight
  • added information to the skill description to indicate that the cooldown time is reduced to 10 seconds if there are no enemy heroes within the area of effect


  • The Imp ghost subject to Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper now no longer poisons enemies
  • Speed Spinner is now correctly displayed in the Library with the selected filter for Speed
  • Fixed the description of the Inner Core talent in the English version of the game
  • Now using the Magic Fan talent when playing as the Trickster always plays the animation of hiding the cards with a fan
  • Fixed a bug in which the Berserker, with the Furious Hurricane skill active, didn’t stop spinning in when Luna’s Stasis or under the influence of Spatial Distortion
  • Fixed a bug in which the tooltip of several talents of the Secret of Immortality subset did not indicate the main property (and number of talents learned)
  • Fixed a bug in which, in a range of cases, reforged talents did not maintain their tie to the hero

See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team