Velvet tread

12 October 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Our scouts saw large and unusual footprints on the border of our forest. They are similar to the prints the Panther leaves. Wonderful warriors with huge wild cats that follow their owners.

If you prove your valour in the battlefield they will be ready to serve you!

Velvet tread

There is a special quest in your Castles and it will be available till 10:00 UTC October 16th.

When you complete the quest you will receive one of two special skins for Night Queen/Black Panther.

The quest is not very difficult, but the progress will be added only for the victory.

  Quest Reward
Collect 150 000 Prime in Borderlands

Wonderland Wanderess



Please note!

To receive the quest you have to hire the Heroine first, otherwise the quest won’t appear.

Your Prime World Team