Hot autumn

09 October 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Hot September has finished but the heat of autumn becomes higher and higher! Precious reward appear in Praia, and Heroes rush to find them.

We have already launched a huge quest according to your votes and ideas.

Hot Autumn!

There is a special quest chain in your Castles. When you complete all stages of the quest, you will receive a lot of precious rewards: exclusive talents effective for sharpening, legendary crystals and even rarest White Runes!

Please note! This is not a regular quest chain, but one huge quest that is divided into several tasks. You have to complete all tasks to receive a reward!

You can complete several steps in one battle – for example, you can kill  Everything will be included into the huge quest.

Quest will end on 10:00 UTC October 30th – hurry up to complete the quest and get the reward!



  • Deal 1,000,000 damage in Borderlands (only on Heroes)
  • Earn 5000 achievement points in Borderlands
  • Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 100 times in Borderlands
  • Make 25 wins in Borderlands


  • 25 exclusive talents, эффективных для заточки;
  • 50 legendary crystalls;
  • 10 white runes.

Get all rewards!

Your Prime World Team