Action in the Talentforge / Talent Garden!

06 October 2017

Lords and Ladies!

September turned out to be really hot. But the rest of autumn can become even hotter with this long-awaited action!

Action in the Talentforge/Talent Garden!

For three days, till 9:00 on October 9th - the production of legendary talents are 30% cheaper! Of course, talents which were already produced in the past also can`t simply collect dust on the shelves so it will be almost 50% cheaper to reforge them into new ones!

  • Production to a legendary talent from an exclusive - 7 legendary crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of a legendary talent into a legendary - 5 legendary crystals instead of 8
  • Reforge of an exclusive talent into an exclusive - 5 Prime crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of an unique talent into an exclusive - 6 Prime crystals instead of 12.

Don't miss this opportunity to prepare your favorite heroes for new victories! Please note! In order the changes into effect, please restart the game.

Have a nice weekend!

Your Prime World Team