Announcement of Seasonal Rewards!

26 September 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Autumn Season is coming to its end. It’s high time to announce rewards all players will receive in the end of the Season!

This Season is also going to be the most fruitful one – players who reach a certain League type will get 3 times more Prime crystals. It is also easier to get legendary talents for Heroes’ achievements!

Seasonal Skin!

Dangerous and powerful skin for Lightning Master / Storm Thrower is rushing onto your screens!

To get this skin in the end of the Season you have to reach Captain rank or higher – 1700+. If the Hero wasn’t bought you will get the skin+the Hero.

Legendary rewards!

Get main legendary talents from the first four sets with 1700 rating instead of 1800.

For each Hero with the highest rank 1700+ the player will get 1 legendary talent from the first 4 sets.

Go for it!

3 times more rewards!

To celebrate the launch of the new Prime Arena game we increase the reward for Autumn Season! This Season each player will get x3 Prime crystals as a reward!

Thus, for each League the reward is the following:

  League Prime crystals amount
  Wooden 150 (instead of 50)
  Stone 330 (instead of 110)
  Bronze 540 (instead of 180)
  Silver 780 (instead of 260)
  Golden 1050 (instead of 350)
  Legend 1050 (instead of 350)

Hurry up to level up your Heroes!

Your Prime World Team