Prime Arena – totally new game in Prime World universe!

13 September 2017

There are many riots about a special place in Primezone, where the Heroes fight two times harder, where all games are Deathwatches, where everyone has to decide by himself.

We are glad to announce One-More-Thing!

Please welcome our new game in Prime World – Prime Arena!


The game is not available yet since we have just started closed beta testing. All players are welcome to decide how the game should look like and what features we have to develop or not.


The number of the keys we prepared is limited, so not all players who take part in the lottery will get an invitation. We are sorry for that!


Take part in the lottery an get an invitation to a closed beta testing of the new game in the World of Prime – Prime Arena!


Before 11:00 UTC September 14 complete a special quest and become a lottery ticket with an invitation to Prime Arena closed beta testing!

Don’t miss your chance!

Your Prime World Team
(and also Prime Arena Team!)