September is on fire

07 September 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Autumn is coming to Praia. The first leaves fall down and the citizens tell long philosophical stories that we like to listen by the fireside.

The most interesting part has only started! Autumny Prime activity is a perfect chance to find numerous legendary talents.

September is on fire

There is a special autumn quest appeared in your Castles. When you complete it you will get 15 random legendary talents!

Please note! This is not a regular quest chain, but one huge quest that is divided into several tasks. You have to complete all tasks to receive a reward!

You can complete several steps in one battle – for example, you can make both 15 assists, collect 30,000 Prime and kill 100 Touched. Everything will be included into the huge quest.

Quest will end on 20:59 UTC October 1st– hurry up to complete the quest and get the reward!



  • Kill 1500 Touched
  • Make 150 assists
  • Destroy 50 Towers
  • Gather 1,500000 Prime


  • 15 random legendary talents!

Don’t miss a chance to get precious talents!

Your Prime World Team