Patch 11.5.1

06 September 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Update 11.5.1 is active on the game servers and the heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!

New Talents

A new set of legendary talents – Hot Time!

This set works on a principle that most players like – for several learned talents, the hero that has the set gets additional bonuses. Having two learned talents gives the owner +6 Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater), and four reduces the cooldown time of the ultimate ability by 30%.

Time of the First

  • Required grade: I;
  • Prime cost to learn: 350;
  • +4.8 Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater);

Time of the Brave

  • Required grade: IV;
  • Prime cost to learn: 825;
  • +12.5 Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater);

Time of the Wise

  • Required grade: I;
  • Prime cost to learn: 1160;
  • +9 Intellect;
  • +10 Agility or Cunning (whichever is greater);

Time of the Strong

  • Required grade: V;
  • Prime cost to learn: 1160;
  • +9 Strength;
  • +10 Agility or Cunning (whichever is greater);

Time of Change

  • Required grade: VI;
  • Prime cost to learn: 1600;
  • +300 Health;
  • +15.2 Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater);


Witch / Moira

The hero’s alternative superability allowed her not only to subject the entire enemy team to control effects, but also deal significant damage. However, in a range of in-game situations, the ease of using the ultimate and the damage it dealt gave Moira too great an advantage.

Walpurgis Night

  • Ability cooldown increased to 90 seconds.
  • Reduced skill cast radius and created area


  • The stun now lasts 0.5 seconds instead of 1
  • Damage dealt by the ultimate upgrade has been reduced by 10%.


Warlord / Shogun

The support of the minions that the hero summoned was hefty enough on the battlefield, both due to damage from the soldiers and due to the buffs they provided, but it was pretty difficult to use because of the low duration of his ‘Brothers’.

Brothers in Arms

  • Now summons minions for 12 seconds
  • Minion damage increased by 10%


Plague Doctor

The new hero in its Intellect build has already proved himself on the battlefield, but his Strength build has been difficult to use, and the ultimate ability lowered the defense of opponents too significantly.

Heart Attack

  • Now deals damage based on the highest of the hero’s Strength and Intellect

Weakened Immunity

  • The ultimate upgrade now reduces enemy heroes’ Stamina/Will 10% less

Soul Reaper / Soul Catcher

Enemy heroes under the effect of Anger of the Dead will now have swords above their heads, and following the ultimate’s area of effect will be somewhat easier.


Vampire / Dahaka

The Vampire’s alternative superability has already proved useful on the battlefield, but in a range of in-game situations it has been difficult to effectively use due to the cast range and amount of damage dealt.

Buried Alive

  • Ultimate cast radius increased


  • Damage from ultimate upgrade increased by 5%


Now soldiers that leave the base after the Arsenal is destroyed are more powerful and get more boosts to their stats per level than before

  • Health boost now at 25
  • Strength boost now at 1


  • Fixed an error that caused Plague Doctor to get a heal from non-class talents in a range of situations. We’ve also fixed a bug in which the Doctor tried to heal an ally with full health.
  • Fixed the description of the Witch Doctor / Woodsman’s class ability and new ultimate. Also fixed a bug in which the Witch Doctor’s death granted eternal life to mushroomers. Fixed the damage description of the alternative ultimate. Now, when Venomous Spores is learned, the correct damage is shown.
  • Fixed a bug in the description of Faceless’s alternative ultimate – use of any talents gives the hero defense.
  • Fixed the description of Hellblade’s Demonic Stance – the first attack during the ultimate ability stuns the target for 0.5 seconds.

See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team