Autumn gold

01 September 2017

Lords and Ladies!

We would like to announce an unprecedented action today: Golden Age for the entire autumn, at the price of one month! This way you could ensure the prosperity of your lordship for the whole autumn season.

Autumn Gold!

Only till 9:00 UTC on September 4th buy one month of Golden Age and get the whole Autum (90 days)!

Change your name!

Three days, from 9:00 (UTC) on September 1st till 9:00 on September 4th, — change your nicknames, names and logos of clans and even fractions up to 50% cheaper!

  • Nickname change - 145 gold instead of 295!

Have you devised a new, fearing name or you're just fed up with your current name? It is exactly the right time to change it!

  • Fraction change - 49 gold instead of 99!

Have you always wanted to change the look of your castle? Magic flowers to mechanical architecture? Do it now!

  • Clan name change - 349 gold instead of 499!

Are you tired of your current clan abbreviation or the chosen development path no longer fits the designation? Change it at 30% discount!

  • Clan logo change - 149 gold instead of 199!

Do you want to see your clan logo on the banners in the Borderlands (and not only there!)? Don't forget to gather a whole group of clan-players to create and provide the most warlike emblem!

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Please note! In order the changes into effect, please restart the game. Reduced prices are available only in Castles!

Your Prime World Team