Summer Ending Gifts

24 August 2017

Lords und Ladies!

Ultimate summer has brought many interesting changes and awesome surprises to Praia. In the end of summer you will also get special presents! We have prepared a long-awaited quest chain where you can get unique clan talents and other amazing gifts like Prime crystals and legendary crystals.

Summer Ending Gifts

Today, from August 24th, 9:00 UTC the first task in a quest chain will appear in your Castles. The Quest Chain will finish on September 4th. Apart from clan talents, for fulfilling the quest chain you will receive precious supplies: Prime and legendary crystals!

Please note! You can fulfill the quest chain at once. A new quest will open as soon as you finish the previous one.


Kill 100 forest enemies in Borderlands


20 Prime crystals

  Gather 80000 Prime in Borderlands   legendary crystals

Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 8 times in Borderlands

Talent: Petrification

  Kill 15 enemy Heroes in Borderlands Talent: Liberation
  Earn 800 achievement points in Borderlands Talent: Spatial Distortion

Don’t miss a chance to receive precious artifacts!

Your Prime World Team