Update 11.5

17 August 2017

Lords and Ladies!

The game servers are launched and the Heroes are ready to welcome you to the Castles!


Cryo / Eissturm

With her new strength ultimate, the Heroine has developed in unexpected ways on the battlefield and has brought a few frosty surprises to her enemies

A few of Cryo's features, however (for example, low movement speed) made the alternative 'superskill' excessively difficult to use.

Chains of Ice

  • Speed and Agility decrease now is based on the highest of the Heroine’s Strength and Intellect

Bitter Cold

  • Upgrading the alternative ultimate now not only strengthens all the Heroine's attacks, but also protects her with a shield which remains active for 7 seconds and absorbs 70...525 damage (based on Strength)



The Hero's new ultimate, which provides a means of defense and healing for several allies at once, has already found acceptance in the hearts of some players

But in some game situations, it was difficult to choose the right position to make the ultimate productive: to cover the maximum number of enemies and help them win a teamfight.

Defender’s Oath

  • Skill cooldown time reduced to 100 seconds (instead of the previous 120)
  • Increased skill effect radius
  • Bonus to defensive characteristics increased to 13...33
  • Skill duration reduced to 4 seconds (instead of the previous 5)

Circle of Life

  • Amount of Health restored increased to 90...420 per second


  • Now all profile pictures froma any social network will be correctly shown in the Castle.


Thrill of the Hunt

  • Fixed a bug in which the effect duration of the ultimate was not lengthened with accumulated fury and Boldness

Fire Fox / Flame Tail

Primeval Fire

  • Fixed a bug in which the Heroine could use the alternative ultimate permanently if she fell under the effect of the Raging Skin skill of the Witch Doctor / Woodsman hero before the final shot

Bard / Muse

  • Fixed a bug which caused the class abilities to have the wrong description in the Castle.


  • All Lords and Ladies will receive correct rewards for Summer Season after installing Update 11.5. Check your Castles!

See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team