New ultimate abilities update

10 August 2017

Lords and Ladies!

We are glad to present two Heroes who have received alternative super abilities this week.

New ultimate abilities!

Maiden / Nymph

The brave defender — Nymph — before fight should decide whether to offer the invulnerability for the sake of damaging the opponents.

Having armed with alternative superability, the Heroine will be able to initiate mass battles, attacking several opponents at once, and at the same time increasing the Stamina and Vill.



Rainbow Leap

  • The hero moves to the selected point, dealing 117-1553 damage to the nearby enemies.

Rainbow Defense

  • The Rainbow Leap talent increases the Hero’s Stamina and Will by 8-103 (based on Intellect) for 5 sec.


Warlord / Shogun

Uncontrollable and furious Shogun, using new ultimate ability will be able to call for a small group for help.

New superability allows Shougun to call several soldiers from the Arsenal. All strengthenings from class abilities of the Hero will also extend.


Brothers of Arms

  • Summons helpers that last 10 sec 2 and deal 10-67 damage with thier attacks and have 600-3062 Health (based on Stamina).


  • Using the Brothers of Arms talent, the Hero summons 2 more helpers.

Please, pay attention! For each soldier the Hero will receive additional Stamina and Will from the passive Warchief ability. Charmed Plate and Battle Spirit Talents are also used on soldiers.



New ultimate abilities are waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.


Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.

Your Prime World Team