Circulation of events

10 August 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Emergence of new exclusive talents has awakened Heroes’ hot interest. The overseas toy has turned out to be so interesting that many Lords and the Ladies want to own them.

Today we launch a special quest chain with precious reward – the whole set of exclusive Spinner Talents!

Circulation of events

You have probably noticed that a special quest chain “Circulation of events“ has appeared in your Castles, When you complete all stages of it you will receive all 7 Spinner Talents!

Fulfill the objectives till 15:00 (UTC) on August 15 and get Spinner Talents as the reward!

Attention! You do not have to wait for another objective; it will open as soon as you fulfill the previous one.


Kill 150 enemy soldiers in Borderlands

Stamina Spinner


Gather 75,000 Prime in Borderlands

Will Spinner

  Make 17 assists in Borderlands Speed Spinner
  Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 10 times in Borderlands Agility Spinner
  Deal 75,000 damage in Borderlands Cunning Spinner
  Kill 20 enemy Heroes in Borderlands Strength Spinner
  Earn 750 achievement points in Borderlands Intellect Spinner

Spin the battles!

Your Prime World Team