Bitter medicine

08 August 2017

Lords and Ladies!

The earth of Praia fills with rumors about the new Hero. Nobody saw his face, but the courage shown before a disease has already glorified his name. The Plague Doctor who came from inside of epidemic comes to the borders!

Report No. 3461. August 9

A group sent to fight robbers — do you remember the naughty gang, my Lord? — became the witness of an extraordinary phenomenon. A reticent sorcerer, who lived alone on the suburb of one of the villages for the last year or one and a half, was attacked, but … he defeated all robbers without any help. The new Hero is coming, my Lord!


Robbers haven't managed to reach the Doctor when an outgrowth on the earth under their legs blew up. Literally in a second the outgrowth burst and poured the robbers over something very terrible and sticky.


A survived robber has been so frightened of the events that he immediately turned his back! What was it? Something invisible was killing them and finally it has choked the life out of them.


Guess names of the talents of the Plague Doctor. As usual, the first 3 Lords or Ladies who will first write the correct answers will receive the Hero as a gift!

Attention! We accept answers only before 16:00 UTC August 11
and only in the comments under this news!

Your Prime World Team