Glorious Battles!

07 August 2017

Lords and Ladies!

This week is perfect for demonstrating their talents on the battlefields. The beginning of Autumn Season is interesting not only for Lords and for Ladies but also for Old Gods.

For the next 4 days, from 9:00 (GMT) on August 7th till 12:00 on August 14th, Heroes will please you with their trophies, bringing 3 times more experience, talents and resources!

Glorious Battles!

Use divine power to develop your heroes and fill up Libraries and Warehouses!


Divine blessing!

  • Get 3 times more experience, resources and talents for each PvP-battle!

Use your fame!

  • All bonuses sum up with Golden Age, allowing you to get 6 times more resources and experience!

Please note! Game needs to be restarted in order for the changes to come into effect!

Have glorious days!

Your Prime World Team