Update 11.4

03 August 2017

Lords and Ladies!

The game servers are open and the Heroes are ready to rush onto the battlefield!


Season One, the summer season, is over. Season Two is here! Rewards already await you in the Castles for the maximum achievement throughout the Season – Hero frames, flags, the Prince of Darkness season skin, Prime Crystals and for some of you – even legendary talents!

Remember, we’ve slightly lowered the bar for getting the most valuable prizes – skins and talents – and now the reward table for achievements in the Season looks like this:

For each Hero in a certain League
For a Hero with the maximum achievement in the Season
Legendary Talents (for each Hero)
Prime Crystals
Unique Seasonal Skin

+ (from 1700)

1 random main talent from sets 1-4
1 random main talent from sets 1-4

1 random main talent from sets 1-4
1 random main talent from set 5 (final).


Please note that rewards for Legendary League will only be awarded to those players whose Heroes were in the top 10 when the Season ended. The rewards for all the other Leagues are calculated by maximum achievement throughout the Season.

For those players who, for whatever reason, are unaware of the concept of the Seasons, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the main information in the special section on them.

Seasonal Rating Reset

The pleasant changes to the Season system did not only extend to the rewards. A short time ago we introduced ‘bonus’ rating for winning at the Lieutenant and Captain ranks – today we’re continuing to brighten up your day with more rating changes!

We slightly overlooked the system for recalculating Hero rating before moving into Season Two. The reduction in rating in comparison to the start of Season One won’t be so severe:

  • The ratings of Heroes in the Wooden or Stone leagues will not be reset (previously the rating was not recalculated only for Heroes in Wooden League)
  • If a Hero’s rating is at or above 2000, it will be reset to 1950
  • In all other cases, Hero ratings will be reduced by precisely 50

This option for recalculating ratings makes things more fluid, organic, and undoubtedly more pleasant for all players at the start of Season Two, the autumn season.

New Talents

Praia, get ready for new and exclusive talents!

The hot summer continues to bring surprises. In this update, it’s brought several fun spinner talents, among which any Hero can find one or two interesting choices.

Take them all for a spin – right on the battlefield!

You can read more about these talents here.


In the last year, the choice of Heroes and talents has significantly expanded. Just take alternative ultimates already received by fourteen Heroes!

In connection with this significant expansion of the selection of required talents — for any taste and color, any Hero and any role — we’ve taken the decision to expand the capacity of the Library for every upgrade level.

  • Now when you upgrade the Talent Library by 1 level, Lords and Ladies will get 10 extra talent slots instead of 8
  • Accordingly, Lords and Ladies whose Castles already have upgraded Libraries will get 2 slots for every building level.



The Heroine’s new ‘pet’ has become more destructive and stunning!


Although the improved skill now strengthens the Beast by 50% instead of 60%, the overall damage of the skill has increased by 8%, which helps the Trampler strike even more fear into enemies. In addition, enemies they toss up will now be stunned upon landing.

Trampler Beast

  • Skill damage increased to 84...739 (based on the highest of the Heroine’s Strength and Intellect)

Power of Color

  • Now increases the damage from the ultimate ability by 50% instead of 60%
  • Enemies tossed up will now be stunned for 0.5 seconds on landing

We’ve also fixed a bug in which the Artiste needed an area with direct visibility to release the ‘pet’


Soul Catcher / Soul Master

The spirits of conquered enemies summoned by this hero could often bring a significant advantage in laning and breaking through the opponent’s defenses.

In addition, breaking the ghostly lash that not only dealt damage to the enemy in the lane, but also healed Soul Catcher, wasn’t particularly easy. This made it easier for Soul Catcher to hold the lane.

Fallen Souls

  • Now the souls of conquered enemies summoned by the hero have no bonus growth to Strength and Intellect. The Stamina and Will bonuses remain unchanged.

Ghostly Lash

  • Range required for the lash to fall from an enemy or allied Hero has been reduced



The ‘burning’ mechanic showed itself to be somewhat excessive in a range of in-game situations

The skill’s rapid cooldown time, the lack of any ‘cost’ for using it — in terms of Energy or Health — and the convenience of using the ability in battle were a little more productive for Khr’Amin than the Hero really needs to be effective.


  • Ability cooldown time increased by 1 second

Main Building

The Temple of Science and Temple of Art are called the Main Building for a reason. After all, its destruction brings victory to one team or the other.

But even at a reasonably late stage in the game, the ‘fight’ with a Temple can take a lot of time, which has prevented teams from using the momentum gained during the battle.

  • The health of the Temple of Science / Temple of Art is now 10450 instead of 10800
  • The damage of the Temple of Science / Temple of Art is now 275 instead of 290


Vampire / Dahaka

Buried Alive

  • Fixed a bug in which the ability effect instantly stopped when Vampire died.


  • The Hero now restores the correct amount of Health after dealing damage to the enemy with the help of the new ultimate.



Self-Propelled Gun

  • Fixed a bug in which the weapon stopped earning the Hero Prime for finishing off soldiers from the moment the Inventor died and until his resurrection.


Brawler / Meijin


  • Fixed a bug in which the Hero didn’t interrupt the action of the alternative ultimate ability even if he was killed and transformed into a dragonling with the help of the Way of the Dragon set.



Dizzying Throw

  • Fixed a bug in which the Forest Symbol didn’t work on soldiers and Touched when this ability was used.



Furious Hurricane

  • Fixed a bug in which, while this skill was active, a Hero on which the Mage/Enchanter’s Transformation skill or the Vampire/Dahaka’s Buried Alive skill was used was reduced in size instead of transformed.


Faceless / Phantom

Touch of Death

  • Fixed a graphical bug in which the ability’s strengthening effect was located not on the Hero’s blade, but in another place when the Hero was using a skin.

Alternative Ultimate Abilities

  • Fixed a bug in which, when using third-party software, you could use two ultimates at once on a single Hero in battle.
  • We hasten to note that all players found to be using such manipulations have been banned.

Known issues

Dear friends! Please note: the rewards for the achievements in Summer Season were given not for the maximum rating the players got during the Season but for the rating that is left by the end of the Season. All rewards will be given in the nearest future.


If a player chooses a Hero that has a frame from Classical Season (the previous one), it won’t be shown on the screen when the battle launches.

See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team