Patch 11.3.1

20 July 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Update 11.3.1 is active on the game servers and the heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!


As you know, the lower the Hero’s rank, the easier it is to reach the next one – a substantial number of rating points is given for victory, and comparatively few points are lost for defeat. But with every new rank achieved, climbing through the ranks becomes harder and harder.

Starting from the release of the first Season, which, among other things, was designed to make the rank ladder more interesting, we’ve been carefully following the changes in the Hero leaderboards. First of all, we’ve analyzed options for a complete solution to the question of a shared battle search queue for all ranks from Captain and above – and, of course, we’ve assessed the general dynamics of ranking changes.

And to solve these problems, in update 11.3.1 we’ve made some minor changes to the calculation of rating received for victory in the Lieutenant - Captain ranks.


In spite of the fact that Lieutenants and Captains are already pretty high ratings, we’ve increased the accrual of ‘bonus’ points for victory in line with the lower ranks:

  • Now rating received for victory at the rank of Lieutenant will be calculated with a multiplier of 1.3, whereas previously the multiplier was 1.2
  • Rating received for victory at the rank of Captain will be calculated with a multiplier of 1.2, whereas previously the multiplier was 1 (without the accrual of ‘bonus’ rating

This means that rising through the hero ranks to the rank of Major should be an easier and more dynamic process.

Changes to alternative ultimates

Faceless / Phantom

With his new ultimate ability, Phantom has proved himself in his new role and has added to the ranks of carries on the battlefield. However, given that the hero’s Agility growth is rather low, his passive ability has been changed to a finisher.

Finishing Strike

  • Now this ability works based on the highest of the hero’s Strength and Intellect

Armor of Death

  • Fixed a bug which caused the new ultimates upgrade not to work without learning the Mystic Killer ability



In a range of in-game situations, using the new ult gave too great a battle advantage in pushing lanes. A player that saved up a small ‘tank division’ could overwhelm the enemy defenses regardless of the difference in prime received and the enemy having a farm advantage.

Self-Propelled Gun

  • The Engineer’s ‘big guns’ now have a lifetime that amounts to 120 seconds.



The Trampler Beast has turned out to be such an incredible creature that it didn’t gobble up the paint saved up by the heroine. In addition, some heroes stuck around to look at it even after death

Trampler Beast

  • Fixed a bug which caused ability cooldown time not to reduce because of the Artiste’s passive skill
  • Fixed a bug in which enemy heroes that died after using a skill remained standing for a few seconds.


Hunter / Marksman

The last rebalance of the strength-focused Hunter, thanks to strengthening his buff skill, helped him to extremely effectively develop in a strength build. However, using this skill on allies didn’t entirely conform with the role of carry.

Thrill of the Hunt

  • The increase in the Agility of the Hunter / Marksman himself is still calculated based on the highest of Strength and Intellect, but the Agility buff on an allied hero now depends only on Intellect.



After the corrections introduced in the last update, Hellblade has started behaving more carefully at the start of the battle, but picked up speed and increased his stats somewhat excessively toward the middle of the battle thanks to his passive buffs.

Deadly Edges

  • The passive increase of the greatest of Strength and Intellect of the hero amounts to 2 - 31 instead of 3 - 34

Protective Mist

  • Now the passive increase in the greatest of Stamina and Will of the hero amounts to 3 - 37 instead of 3 - 41



The strength-based Demonologist has had a hard time reaching its potential as a Hero Slayer recently. This is due to both the damage dealt by the Archons during a fight and the damage from the hero’s ultimate ability.

Master of the Archons

  • Archons now deal 4 - 40 damage instead of 3 - 33

Archon Strike

  • Ultimate ability damage increased by 5%. Now every Archon deals 40 - 350 damage to the enemy hero instead of 38 - 329. When strengthened with Internal Flame, the Archon deals an additional 59 - 525 damage instead of 56 - 495.


Vampire / Dahaka

This hero has the ability to dominate always – both in the initial stages off the game and closer to the middle of the conflict. This isn’t entirely right from the point of view of lane fighting – the hero’s effectiveness at the start of the battle should compensate for difficulty in reaching its potential closer to the end of the battle and vice versa.

Bloody Flourish

  • Damage from the ability and the on-kill heal have been reduced by ~7%

Deep Cut

  • Additional damage and Health restoration received with the ability’s buff have also been reduced by ~7%


Highlander / Immortal

The Sword remains one of the most popular heroes of Praia. But he often has a tough time in the initial stages.

Hero Strike

  • Ability damage increased by 7%.



Fixed a bug that allows Oaksmasher to interrupt enemy heroes’ talent casting when they’re immune to control effects.

Wind Whistle

  • This ability now has no effect on enemies that are immune to control effects.


See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team