New ultimate abilities update

19 July 2017

Lords and Ladies!

This week has brought two new alternative super abilities for Rat Master / Pied Piper and Vampire / Dahaka.

New ultimate abilities!

Rat Master / Pied Piper

Rat aster is a perfect musician can stun even very powerful Heroes around him. Now he will be able to summon a new companion to fight against the enemies.

Using new super ability, Rat Master will be able to recruit to his army a terrible representative of forest monsters - a Woodwose! Besides, new ult will in general strengthen enchantment of enemy Heroes.



Master of Training

  • Enchanted creatures deal 8-60 more damage (based on Strength or Intellect whichever is greater).

Ruler of the Forest

  • With the help of learned Fluite Song ability the Hero can additionally enchants one Wood goblin, which can stun enemies at the order of the Rat Master.

Please note:

  • When the Hero enchants a Woodwose, he immediately shares his glyph from a golden pack. When goblin dies, the glyph won’t appear.
  • Rat Master can enchant only one Woodwose. When the Hero tries to enchant the second Woodwose the first one will disappear.
  • To summon a Woodwose the Hero has to use Fluite Song and when you click on the icon of the ultimate ability all enemies around the Hero will be stunned for 15 sec.


Vampire / Dahaka

The mystical aristocrat — Dahaka — with his new alternative ability will be able to make a notable contribution to the result of mass battle.

New super ability will give Vampire a chance to neutralize the most dangerous enemy Hero by placing him in a cozy coffin.


Buried Alive

  • Vampire places the enemy Hero in a coffin, without allowing him to do anything for 5 seconds.


  • With the upgrade of the ultimate ability Vampire deals 190-1425 damage (from Strength).


New ultimate abilities are waiting for you in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.


Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.

Your Prime World Team