Hot Dragon Breath

19 July 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Heroes risk every day: they combat enemy Heroes and soldiers, Kitton and Fire Dragon on the battlefields all over Primezone.
Sometimes these fights bring not only experience and glory, but also additional, sometimes — legendary! — rewards!

In spite of the fact that this summer has already brought numerous surprises and gifts to Praia, we couldn't but respond to your numerous requests for one more possibility of receiving one of the most desired legendary sets — "Way of the dragon" —  as a reward for completing quest chain.

You can already find a special quest chain “Hot Dragon Breath” in your Castles!

Hot Dragon Breath

From 11:00 (UTC) 19 July a new quest chain “Hot Dragon Breath” is available in your Castles. Fulfill the objectives till 15:00 (UTC) on July 24 and get legendary talents as the reward!

Attention! You do not have to wait for another objective; it will open as soon as you fulfill the previous one.


Gather 100,000 Prime in Borderlands

Power of the Dragon


Make 17 assists in Borderlands

Agility of the Dragon

  Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 9 times in Borderlands Cunning of the Dragon
  Earn 600 achievement points in Borderlands Dragon Onslaught
  5 wins in Borderlands Embodiment of the Dragon

Follow the Red Dragon and become immortal!

Yours Prime World Team