Rewards for the First Season

08 July 2017

Lords and Ladies!

There is only one month left till the end of the First Season. It is time to tell you about the rewards you and your Heroes are fighting for.

We have read all your comments, analyzed statistics and decided to change some issues in the Season system.

We will answer your questions before you ask. We are working on matchmaking problems on the highest rates. These changes will be made I bit later.

Today we would like to talk about something pleasant – about the rewards that are now easier to receive and about the prizes for the achievement in the First Season.

Seasonal Skin!

Please meet unique skin for your collection – King of Darkness for Vampire / Dahaka! He is coming to the Castles of those Lords and Ladies who received at least one Captain in the First Season!

Yes, you will receive a seasonal skin you do not have to fight for the Majors and higher (1800+ rate). All players who reached Captain rate (1700+) on at least one Hero will get this unique skin!

Changes in the rewards for Silver League

I the beginning of the First Season those players who were either in the Golden or in the legendary League received one legendary talent for one Hero.

We were analyzing rating changes during the last 1.5 months and discovered that we have to decrease the rating needed to get legendary talents.


Lords and Ladies will get legendary talents for the First Season for each Hero who will reach Silver League (Major and higher).

Please note! Lords and Ladies will receive legendary talents form the latest set Age of Legends only when their Heroes reach Legendary League.

Seasonal Flags and Frames!

And, of course, Heroes will receive flags and frames showing their achievements in the Season. Here they are:

We have to mention that it is impossible to choose a frame that will be shown on the Hero. The frame for the highest achievement will be shown instead.

Hurry up! The Season will end in a month!

Your Prime World Team