Summer sale on Prime Crystals

06 July 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Astrologers predict unprecedented solar activity at the end of this week. According to their forecasts, it will influence even on mysterious prime. It will begin to grow with an unprecedented force and speed!

Sale of Prime crystals!

The merchants hurry to sell their goods to Lords and the Ladies with a special discount on Prime crystals!

  • Prime crystals at a 25% discount!
  • Every purchase is staggered and brings you an additional crystal.
  • This way the value of 2 gold = 5 crystals, 4 gold = 10 crystals, 6 gold = 15 crystals etc.
  • The offer lasts till 9:00 UTC on July 10th.

This means, that you can get 5 Prime crystals instead of 4, for only 2 Golden Coins!

The discount is available when buying crystals in the window of the context purchase. To access it, click the button near the icon of prime crystal on resources panel in the upper right corner of your castle.

Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Please note the following! In order for the changes to apply, please restart the game!

Your Prime World Team