Update 11.3 will be installed soon

03 July 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Update 11.3 will bring a lot of interesting and unexpected changes to Prime World. We will announce a few of them in this news.


In update 11.3, we added a few changes that are designed to make battles more dynamic and fun.

Aggressive meta influences on the Heroes and their ability to stay on the line and become more powerful. Thus they needed more Health potions in the beginning of the battle.


In update 11.3, we’ve added changes both to the starting amount of prime that heroes get at the very beginning of the fight, and to how much Prime they earn over time.

  • Now heroes get 400 Prime instead of 300 at the start of the fight
  • Prime income per moment of time has increased and is now 3 instead of 2

This means that from the very beginning of the fight, heroes get more variety in choosing their talents and consumables, which allows the pace of the battle to grow faster.

We also decided to make the double lane more powerful. Dual-laning is about to become a little easier.


Prime gained for finishing off a Soldier when two players are in the same lane has been increased by ~7% for each hero.

We have also prepared a special surprise for all Heroes who fight on the top and bottom lanes. Two small groups of neutral Touched will appear on these lanes and Heroes will be able to earn a bit more precious Prime after killing them.

Alternative abilities rebalancing

Some alternative ults will become more powerful. For example the courageous and quick Archer wasn’t always able to use her new ultimate ability with the greatest effectiveness. Thus, we increased damage of the Bombardment ability. One more Hero… Well we’ll keep it in secret.

Long-awaited surprise

We have already announce the alternative ultimate ability for one of the most popular Heroes – Faceless / Phantom. A few days after the update Faceless will receive a new ultimate ability that will make Strength and Intellect built equal.

Your Prime World Team