Daily quests update!

26 June 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Hot ultimate summer continues in Praia! It has already brought us new ults for 4 Heroes and legendary presents from the set Legendmakers that you can receive every 2 days in your Castles!

It is only the beginning of great summer surprises. Today we would like to announce changes in the daily quest chain!

Two times more legendary crystals!

There are no secrets that when you make daily quests you receive legendary crystals to craft legendary talents.

We add new sets of legendary talents in the game regularly, so it has become quite difficult to find the talent you need. Moreover, it is hard to decide what legendary set to craft first.


Thus, we decided to increase the reward for daily quests in for daily quests crystals twice!

From June 26th you will receive one more precious legendary crystal in a daily quest chain! We have also changed the rewards in other daily quest stages:

  First stage 1 legendary crystal
  Second stage 1 legendary crystal + 3 Prime crystals
  Third stage

5 Prime crystals + one of the rewards:

  • 25 000 silver
  • 20,000 resources each
  • 3 exclusive talents
  • 10 talents useful for upgrade

So, you can receive x2 times more legendary crystals, +30% more Prime crystals, silver, resources and something new — talents useful for upgrade.

“Big” Saturday quest becomes easier!

We also want to make it easier for you to get a huge bag of legendary crystals for big Saturday quest.


From July 1st to receive 6 legendary crystals you have to:

  • Win 2 times in Borderlands in a team


  • Win 4 times in Borderlands solo

Legendary mission!

We would like to present you a special legendary mission on the first week of changed daily quests.

Fulfill all daily quests this week and receive legendary talents as a reward!

  • You will receive 5 random legendary talents when you complete all daily quest chains!
  • You have to complete all 21 stages of the quest. Big quest on Saturday is not included.
  • You can complete all quests from June 26th till July 2d!

Make this summer ultimate!

Your Prime World Team