Hotfix has been installed

16 June 2017

Lords and Ladies!

The new Hotfix has been installed, the servers are up again!


Fire Fox / Flame Tail

Ultimate summer has begun and soon became too hot: new Foxy was “Playing with Fire”!

Passive ability was dealing more damage than it has to, thus a lot of strange situations happened on the battlefields.


Playing with Fire

  • Bug fixed when the passive “burning” ability dealt excessive damage.


Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper

Being too busy with catching souls this Hero forgot change his ghost state.

During the battle, the duration of the ghost state became unlimited with no cooldown period.


Lust for Life

  • Now prolongation of time of existence in ghost form works correctly during the battle.


We deeply apologize for the technical issues. All players receive 2 days of Golden Age for their patience. For your convenience, you may gather the reward any time by clicking on the relevant quest icon and giving away 1 food. The quest is available before 09:00 UCT on June 19th.

Thank you for your patience!

Your Prime World Team