Patch 11.2

15 June 2017

Lords and Ladies!

The technical work is done and the Heroes are ready to demonstrate the new limits of their power on the battlefield!

“Double” Ultimate Abilities

As of today, you can form a set of talents not only from those available to all Heroes, but also by choosing between two ultimate talent options!

Meet the ‘first swallows’: the mystical Soul Catcher and the fiery Fox – they are now ready to show off their updates on the battlefield!


Fire Fox / Flame Tail

Mischievous and fiery, she is now able to set fire to even the ‘fattest’ of opponents – her new ultimate ability not only allows you to precisely aim fire at your chosen target, but also increases the passive damage from the Playing with Fire skill.



Primeval Fire

  • The Heroine’s next 3 attacks deal 50...375 additional damage. If the skill was activated on Native Terrain, the next 4 attacks will be strengthened!

Healing Fire

  • The improved new ultimate ability restores the Heroine’s health after each strengthened attack.
  • In addition, the burning effect from the Playing with Fire talent begins to stack up to 5 times.
    Burn brightly!


Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper

A dangerous and elusive ruler of ghosts – how many souls has he caught? Along with his new ultimate ability, this Hero is also getting some small changes to the old one – it’s going to be easier than ever to unearth this character’s true potential in your chosen role!

Shadow of Death

Changes to the usual ultimate ability help Soul Catcher become even more dangerous on the battlefield – and this is most obvious in the Hero’s power buildup

  • No longer increases the amount damage absorbed by shields.
  • Increases damage dealt with the help of of the Reap skill

Anger of the Dead

  • No longer reduces damage from enemy attacks
  • Instead, it now additionally strengthens the attacks of the Hero and all nearby allies



Shadow of Defense

The Hero’s new ultimate ability is similar to the first, but will be more effective in the Support role specifically.

  • Using the new ultimate ability, Soul Catcher turns into a ghost and becomes immune to transformation effects, and casts shields on all nearby allies.
  • Just as in his ‘past life’, the Hero changes its other skills somewhat: the duration of the Ghostly Lashes skill becomes unlimited, and the cooldown time of Reap is reduced to 1 second.

Spirit Atrophy

  • This skill also allows the Hero to drive opponents into a state of Terror and reduce the damage from their attacks.



The new ults await you in the Libraries. If you haven’t hired the Hero yet, then the second ultimate ability will appear in the second tab of the Hero’s talents and will be available for use as soon as you buy the Hero. Meet two new Heroes each week.

   Attention! To put a new ultimate ability in a talent set, first you need to remove the previous one from the build, including all its upgrades.



Reduced Health restoration from the passive ability and slightly improved the intellect build

Popular enough in its strength variant, this Hero confidently conquers the Prime Zone. Hellblade’s heal, disengaged in the previous rebalance from Native Terrain, allowed him to easily dominate on the line. At certain points of the game, this became simply excessive. That’s not very demonlike, is it? Let’s fix it!

  • Now the Health restoration depends on the greatest of Strength and Intellect, which allows ‘wise’ demi-demons to feel more confident on the battlefield.

Chaos Blades

  • Health restoration from the Hero’s passive ability is reduced by 8% and now depends on the greatest of Strength and Intellect


Master’s Brush

  • Fixed a bug that caused stored up paint to be wasted during the ultimate ability


Mighty Shock

  • The tooltip of the Mighty Shock talent now reflects the fact that the talent throws enemies into the air



  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ultra-Berserker’s voice-over not to play in the Castle

Explosive Perseverance

  • Fixed the description of this talent in the Castle – now the number of enemies that become explosive is shown correctly


  • Fixed a bug that caused glyphs to drop in the same spot on the map after a Hero died with two effects at once active.

See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team