Ultimate summer!

08 June 2017

Lords und Ladies!

No matter what kind of weather there will be, this summer in Praia is going to be hot again! There are many pieces of news, fresh ideas, precious presents and sunny mood waiting for us!

Today we would like to announce the first news. Have you asked for anything new? Anything that will make dramatic changes in the game process? Anything that will make you Heroes shine brighter? We’ve heard you!

New Ults!

Friends! Starting from the update 11.2 your Heroes will receive new ultimate abilities! Or, we’d rather say alternative ultimate abilities. You will be able to choose them in your Castle and decide what ultimate ability to use in the battle.

The ultimate abilities will appear in the second folder of Talents for each Hero. Of course, it is impossible to use two ultimate abilities at the same time. Please note that before you use new ability you have to take off the original ability and its updates.

New ultimate abilities will add more variations to the game — just as you wished. Some Heroes will change the main role, for example, killers may play for support and defenders will become killers. Others will be able to use their alternative sets. Faceless, for example, can finally use his Power.

Anyway you will be able to test a new gameplay on your favourite Heroes by either using normal talents or by using alternative ones.


Meet two new Heroes each week during summertime! Yes, you are right. Patch 11.2 will give new ultimate abilities to two Heroes! Do not forget to follow the news and check your Castles!

Fire Fox / Flame Tail will open the season of new super abilities. The second Hero will be announced in the patch news.

The summer has just begun — don’t miss it!

Your Prime World Team