Shiny axes!

05 June 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Everyday brave Heroes go out on the battlefield to meet evil monsters, enemy Heroes and other dangers that are waiting for them in the Primezone.

However, sometimes battles gives not only experience but also legendary pleasant surprises!

Shiny axes!

Already today we launch a “big” questline - “Shiny axes”! Yes, that’s right, friends, the exact legendary axes will be given as reward for completing the quests!

We have considered your requests and, unlike the previous questline like that, we have have broke down this one into several parts. That way, even if you would not be able to complete it entirely, you will still get several legendary talents. How many you will get is only up to you!

The great reward is waiting for the most purposeful of players - the full set of legendary talents “Absolute Dominance”!

Each subsequent step will be available right after you complete the previous one.


Earn 50 000 prime in Borderlands

Absolute Dominance


Kill 20 enemy Heroes in Borderlands

Diversion Dominance

  Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 3 times in Borderlands Greedy Dominance
  Deal 50 000 damage in Borderlands Mental Dominance
  Earn 500 achievement point in Borderlands Strength Dominance
  Win 10 times in Borderlands Fury Dominance

Complete the questline before 9:00 UTC 19 June and be rewarded with legendary talents!

Show your dominance!

Your Prime World Team