Hotfix 11.1.1 Installed

01 June 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Our technical works are over, the Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!

Today’s hotfix brings to the expanses of Praia another portion of the rewards for the ‘zero’ season and a rebalance of Oaksmasher.

Seasonal rewards

All rewards that were not received due to the change (reduction) in Hero ratings after April 21 now await their owners!

Also, the maximum rating in the information display for the Hero will be fixed if it was lower at the introduction of the Seasons than it was on April 21.

Check your Castles!



A bit of everything! Based on the results of our first Hero observations, we’re ready to introduce a few changes: increasing the initial value of defensive characteristics, adding damage, control and survivability.

On the battlefields, Dendomonster turned out to be an interesting and very distinctive Hero that could bring significant advantage to a team. However, if his allies didn’t support his initiative, the Hero had a tough time in a range of in-game situations.

We’ve been watching what has been happening on the battlefields closely and analyzing the course of battles. As a result, we’ve decided to make a few changes to balance this Hero and help him more effectively reach his potential even when his allies aren’t as close as you’d like.


Increased starting values of defensive characteristics:

  • Stamina to 55;
  • Will to 45.


Monster Strike

A hit with an ‘enhanced’ arm dealt (and continues to deal!) significant additional damage in the early stages of the game. However, closer to the heart of the game, its effectiveness was reduced. Not good enough – we’re boosting it!

  • Increased the growth of additional damage depending on the growth of the Hero’s Strength


Oak Forest’s Aid

This ‘native heal’ works very well both in the forest role and when fighting on the line. But in the conditions of today’s aggressive meta, Oaksmasher wasn’t always able to use it to maintain the required amount of health. Now things are easier!

  • Ability cooldown time reduced by 2 sec;
  • Health restoration increased by 20%.


Wind Whistle
A great talent for a ganker, particularly at low levels, right? To make it easier to use its full potential, we’ve added a little speed and damage and increased the control duration.

  • Speed up increased to 50%;
  • Damage from the ‘throwing’ increased by 25%;
  • Stun time increased to 0.7 sec.

We’ve also fixed a bug which caused Oaksmasher to lose immunity to control after using the first hit.


Mighty Shock

The Hero’s ultimate ability has also been reviewed.

  • Now Oaksmasher not only deals damage, but also knocks enemies into the air;
  • The duration of the increased defensive stats has been increased by 1 sec.


And don’t forget: in team battles, Oaksmasher’s potential really shines!


Witch / Moira

  • This heroine is again available for purchase in the Castle


See you on the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team