Powerful and fearless Oaksmasher

25 May 2017

Lords and Ladies!

The earth in Praia is shuddering under heavy steps of a new Hero! He left the forest thicket, but managed to keep a set of abilities from the antecedents. The prime has made him different. It has not only changed him and turned into a revive tree, but made him a Hero!

Oaksmasher's Talents

Power of Wood

Power is in the Unity! Passive talent of the Hero perfectly describes this expression. The Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater) of all nearby allied heroes is increased.  


When used on Native Terrain, the greatest of Strength and Intellect additionally increases.

Monster Strike

The first Hero’s talent is also passive. His next attack deals an additional damage to the enemy. No wonder he has such a huge hand full of Prime and Dokt tower!


The upgrade of the talent will not only deal an additional damage but will also slow the enemy.

Wind Whistle

The second talent speeds up the Hero, he becomes immune to control effects.


With the first attack during the talent’s duration, the hero throws the target, deals damage and stuns them.

Dense Thorns

Oaksmasher is very good at dealing with flora both regular and changed with Prime. The third Hero’s talent helps him to build a wall in front of the enemy!


Mighty Shock

Ultimate talent will shake all enemies around.


A strike that deals damage to nearby enemy heroes. Total damage increases for each target. The damage is split equally between the targets. Native Terrain appears around the hero.

Oak Forest’s Aid

And that is not all! Oaksmasher may get help during the battle from his forest “brothers and sisters”.


Restores Health every 20 sec. Approaching a tree, the hero destroys it and restores Health to himself (based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater).

Meet powerful Oaksmasher in your Castles and take care of your Towers. He likes them!

Your Prime World Team