Patch 11.1

25 May 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Update 11.1 has been installed, and the servers are up! Head to your Castles now to find Oaksmasher, a few interesting rebalances, and lots more. And away we go!

New Hero

You can read more about this new hero here.

Like previous heroes, you can get Oaksmasher in one of three ways:

  1. After completing a seven-day quest chain you will be able to recruit Oaksmasher for 750,000 silver. The first quest in the chain is already available, and the last one will be unlocked on June 1st. Once you complete the last quest, a new quest will appear that will allow you to pay silver to recruit the hero.
  2. The normal way to recruit Oaksmasher (paying silver without having to complete any quests) will be available for all players with a castle level of 25 or higher starting on June 8th.
  3. Oaksmasher can also be recruited immediately for 299 gold.

With the release of this new Hero the price of Hellblade has been reduced to 500,000 silver and 199 gold.

New Skins

Mistress of Souls

Original hero: Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper
Features: sex change, new voice
Cost: 99 gold



Original hero: Berserker
Features: new voice, new effects
Cost: 69 gold


  • Due to player requests, after increasing rewards we are making it easier to upgrade talents — 20% of exclusive talents will now be "very effective for upgrading." These orange talents will grant 170 saturation points each, and there will be a total of 29 of them: the talents from the Source of Bonds, Will of the Patriarch, Dark Message, Reflection of Essence, and Forceful Aspiration sets and the series of talents from the Earth Hallows set.
  • The tooltips for the talents at the Fair now show whether or not the player already has them, as well as how many of them there are in the Library and on the player's heroes.

Golden Age

We've got great news about Golden Ages. Having a Golden Age will now also double your chance of receiving exclusive talents at the Forge. It would be remiss not to mention that this also affects overall upgrade speed, since every fifth exclusive talents is now very effective for upgrading.



This bruiser had a difficult, if enviable fate. For a while after he was introduced to the game the Berserker was a dark horse, but then he quickly began to gain popularity and ended up being the most sought-after hero on the lateral branch. The reason is simple: in addition to his high survivability and excellent initiative, the Berserker possessed an ultimate ability that players could, with a little skill, use to instantly crush a single enemy hero — you could spam Fetters in such a way that all the chains hit a single target and dealt massive damage.

At first this was designed as a special trump card, but in practice it turned out to be too easy to do. The Berserker can now only hit one enemy with each chain.



  • now only hit one enemy with each chain.


Archer / Amazon

Time passes, standards change, and the Amazon, once intended exclusively for the late game, has now become a hero for whom it's hard to find a place. In this update we want to enhance one of the most undervalued abilities in the game: Decisive Shot.

It used to fire in the wrong direction pretty often, hitting random enemy soldiers with low health, so it was difficult to use the skill in a lane. Decisive Shot will now only hit enemy heroes, the Woodwose, Kiton, and the Fire Drake.


Smashing Whirlwind

  • damage increased by 5%.

Decisive Shot

  • now only hits heroes, the Woodwose, Kiton, and the Fire Drake.


Quarrier / Rumbler

In this "age of breakthroughs," real tanks have it rough. Earlier conditions allowed Rumbler not to focus on frequent exchanges of Health with the enemy, but in the modern, more aggressive game he needs to be just as aggressive. So a little effort from a "trampoline" will help Mountain out in all stages of the game.


  • damage increased by 10%.


Marksman / Hunter

The Intellect-focused Marksman is a fully "aimed" hero who is very useful in the late game, where his buffs can really strut their stuff. But nowadays Strength builds are lagging significantly behind Intellect builds in terms of popularity. A Strength-focused Hunter has a very powerful attack, but the effect from his passive class ability isn't enough to make up for the difference in terms of usefulness when compared to other "carry" heroes.

One of the Marksman's key buffs — to Agility — thus now depends not only on Intellect, but on Strength or Intellect, whichever is higher.


Rage of the Hunt

  • the Agility boost from Hunter Agility now is now based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is higher.


Paint was very recently a sought-after midder, but nowadays its popularity has declined a bit. Despite the fact that the Artiste has incredible potential for dominating a lane and the ability to go into overdrive (speed boost and quick farming with crawls facilitate this), Paint is rather difficult to pull off and demands a lot of concentration from the player.

This applies in particular to a Strength-based Paintbrush, which has trouble competing with other, more productive midders. The Strength build has thus been slightly enhanced, and the mechanic for the passive class ability has been retooled.



  • now accumulates one paint every six seconds and loses one paint when the Painted Beast and Color of Life abilities are used.

Painted Beast

  • damage increased by 10%.


Highlander / Immortal

The Highlander is mighty and powerful in the late game, but in modern, more aggressive play he is tightly constricted in lanes. The rule "get rich or die trying" applies in full to the Immortal — if the early game is lost, getting yourself out of a financial hole with hero is quite difficult.

The lane stage has therefore been enhanced — the Highlander's Health will now regenerate more quickly in the lane than before.


Bloody Massacre

  • health restoration increased by 10%.


  • The interval between being able to vote for an early conclusion to a battle in the Borderlands has been increased from 60 to 120 seconds.
  • Tu’Rehu's Violent Takeover ability now works correctly on invisible heroes.
  • A bug that caused the Breath of Life talent to fail to restore health, but still go into cooldown, when used immediately before the user's death has been fixed.
  • S.Putnik's Aimed Shot ability now fires toward the target even if the target becomes invisible while the projectile is in mid-air.
  • If the Demonologist's Demon Trap ability is used on the Immortal/Highlander as an ultimate ability, the net no longer disappears, but simply does not work on that hero.
  • Markers placed on targets by Hellblade's Swift Assault now have different colors depending on the team. They are purple for allies and red for enemies.
  • The Nymph/Maiden's Peacebreaker ability no longer works on the Fire Drake. It used to work, but deal no damage.
  • Claw/Fang's Curse of the Beast ability in Great Bear and Great Hare forms now transforms the target into the corresponding animal.
  • The corresponding status now appears when the Forged in Cruelty ability is used.
  • A bug that affected the way the Treacherous Flame talent works has been fixed — using the talent no longer interrupts movement and nullifies invisibility only if it is successful.


  • The growth of the talents Strength Dominance and Mental Dominance is now displayed correctly in the castle.

Your Prime World Team