Quest chain with legendary rewards!

18 May 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Scouts report that there is an impudent gang of robbers in the neighborhood attacks merchants’ caravans on the roads! These madmen don't give a damn even about the monsters in the forests. The guild of merchants offers a legendary award to all who will volunteer to help!

Can the caravans be robbed?

From May 18th at 9:00 UTC there is a special quest chain in your Castles — "Can the caravans be robbed? ". Players who finish the quest will receive a set of legendary awards from grateful merchants!





Gather 20,000 Prime in Borderlands

2 legendary crystals


Shoot down 5 flags in Borderlands

3 legendary crystals


Earn 250 points

5 legendary crystals

Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 3 times in Borderlands

1 random legendary talent + 5 legendary crystals
  Deal 40,000 damage in Borderlands 2 random legendary talents + 5 legendary crystals

Make 2 wins in Borderlands

3 random legendary talents + 5 legendary crystals

Complete quests before 9:00 UTC May 23d and get precious legendary talents as a reward!

Get new talents and win in Primezone!

Your Prime World Team