Update has been installed

12 May 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Patch that corrects mistake after update 11.0 has been installed.

Bug fixed

  • Fixed small lags when the players want to give up.
    Fixed bugs that let to session crushes. Thus, game chat is working normally.



Hellblades’ buff was a little excessive. Of course, stormtrooper should be able to absorb a loss, but Hellblade in addition to his high protection also has high damage. The results have shown that Hellblade has become a bit stronger, so we fixed him.

Reinforced Defense

  • This ability has been reworked. Activating this stance now provides 15% damage absorption instead of 25% dodge.

Demonic force

  • The Dark Power upgrade has been reworked: it now increases damage absorption to 30% instead of 50%.

We also remind you that festive quest chain Peace, Prime, May! Has been prolonged till 9:00 UTC May 13th.

Your Prime World Team