May holidays in Praia!

05 May 2017

Lodrs und Ladies!

Despite all difficulties and problems, which all of us had to face recently, the festive mood comes to Praia!

We are glad tell you that the situation is stabilized, and the majority of problems after the update 11.0 is minimized.
For the vast majority of players the situation on the battlefields the only difference is in the absence of the chat.

Of course, we continue working on the problem. But we hope that you will have a good time playing and participating in all actions we have prepared!

Thank you that you remain with us even in these stormy days!

Presents and compensation for all players

We would like to thank you for your patience and support and here is a reward for all players!


All players who will enter the game till 9:00 (UTC) on May 10th will get 3 days of Golden Age and 5 White runes!

The giveaway will be established in a way that most of you are already familiar with — a quest chain will appear in your castles, where you will be able to exchange 1 unit food for 3 days of Golden Age and 5 White runes at any time till 9:00 (UTC) on May 11th.

Battle legend

Each player who enter the Castle from 9:00 (UTC) 5 May till 9:00 10 May will receive one legendary talent “Cry of Doom”!

Cry of Doom

  • Required grade: III;
  • Prime cost to learn: 675;
  • Cooldown: 150 seconds;
  • If the talent’s target uses an ability within 3 seconds, that target takes 310 (410) magic damage;
  • Can be upgraded by the three talents from the Cry of Doom set.

Exclusive Skins



Base Hero: Desperado


Base Hero: S.Putnik

You can get the skin the following ways:

  • By completing the quest chains "Win at all costs!" and "Attention! Officer personnel!" that will appear in your Castles.
  • Hire the Patriot and Officer skins for the festive price of 29 Gold!

! Please note: These are collector's skins, therefore they will be available only from
10:00 UTC on May 5th to 10:00 UTC on May 10th . Don’t miss it!

*This quest chain will only appear for players who have hired the base Heroes

Talent unbinding sale!

Till 9:00 UTC May 10th price for unbinding talents is 45% less!

  • the unbinding of exclusive talents is 5 Prime crystals instead of 9
  • the unbinding of legendary talents is 5 gold instead of 9

Onwards to new victories!

Your Prime World team