Update 11.0 installed

02 May 2017



Friends, we draw your attention: game servers are open, but at the moment there may be "crashes” of combat sessions. Our specialists are working on solving this problem.

Incorrect work of a game is connected with a game chat in a session therefore, it has been temporarily disconnected to minimize cases of crashes.

You can not play until this problem is completely eliminated (unfortunately, at the moment we can not give exact time, but we assure you that we are trying to resolve the situation as quickly as possible).

You can also help us with its diagnostics and elimination, playing as usual, and sending us logs and replays of problem game sessions.

Of course, for the entire time, until the problem is solved, we have turned off the receipt of the deserter’s points, so that none of the players will receive fines. Points of desertion, received today during technical work, will be canceled.

We apologize for the current situation and thank you for your patience and understanding. When the problem is completely eliminated, the entire server will receive compensation - we will inform additionally.

Update 11.0 has been installed on the battle servers, and the first ranked season has begun!


The first ranked season has begun! In case you don’t know what that is for whatever reason, we recommend you read about our seasons in the relevant section of the FAQ. Here we’ll just hit the key points of the seasonal system.

  • Leagues

For each season, Heroes are placed in one of five leagues, depending on their current rating.

  Wooden League
Stone League
Bronze League
Silver League
Golden League
under 1400
10 top players (for each specific Hero)

Current League of each Hero will be shown with a crown of correspondent colour on the left side of the portrait.

  • Ratings

Each player’s rating for each Hero is recalculated at the start of each new season. The player’s initial position depends on the rating they reached by the end of the previous season:

  At season end At next season start

Lieutenant Colonel
Colonel and higher

Corporal (1401)
Sergeant (1551)
Lieutenant (1651)
Lieutenant (1651)
Captain (1751)
Major (1851)

Ratings will be recalculated at the beginning of each season for each player who has played at least once, in any game mode. A player’s rating will no longer be cut when the player is absent from the game for an extended period of time.

  • Strongest Players List

You can now open a list of the top players for each Hero right from the Castle. This will also display the current player’s place in the global rankings.

  • Rewards

At the beginning of each season (including the season beginning today), each player will receive awesome rewards for his seasonal accomplishments:

For each Hero in a certain League For each Hero with all achievements reached
  Frame Legendary Talents (for each Hero) Flag Prime Crystals Unique Seasonal Skin
1 random main talent from sets 1-3

1 random main talent from sets 1-3
1 random main talent from set 4 (final)


Remember that Legends are the 10 best players of each Hero.

  • Season Duration

Each season is approximately 3 months long. The first season begins today. Its exact end date will be announced later.

Battle Rewards

The maximum reward for matches is not equal for all titles. Regardless of rating, the max number of talents is now equal to the Sensei reward (10 talents). This increase affects more than just talents. Crystals will also be awarded in larger amounts since crystals have a certain chance of dropping instead of talents.

Pre-Match Window

As many of you have requested, a “lobby” will now appear for Majors (rating of 1800) and above. Remember that this feature is experimental. We will keep a close eye on players’ reactions over the next few weeks to determine whether or not this change helps the game.



Hellblade’s first rebalance got the hero up on his feet but failed to solve some gameplay problems he was having. Now that we’ve been able to observe Hellblade for longer, we’re ready to make some additional adjustments.

Hellblade was a very demanding hero as far as farming goes, but he had few defensive abilities. In addition, his healing and his only escape ability were bound up with Native Terrain, and as far as holding Native Terrain goes, he could not compete with the overwhelming majority of Heroes. These abilities have been unlinked from Native Terrain.

Switching stances will now restore some of the Hero’s health, regardless of whose ground he is standing on. Also, the mechanics of his second stance have been changed. This stance now strengthens each attack equally. The Hero’s ultimate has also been reworked – it now activates all three stances at once.

Chaos Blades

  • Health regeneration no longer depends on Native Terrain
  • The amount of Health restored when changing stances has been reduced by 10%

Swift Assault

  • Leap radius has been increased by about 10%
  • Slowdown duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds
  • Base activation reduced from 60 to 50 Energy

Battle Blades

  • This ability has been reworked. Now every attack is equally strengthened instead of every third attack.
  • Base activation reduced from 60 to 50 Energy

Reinforced Defense

  • This ability has been reworked. Activating this stance now provides 25% damage absorption instead of +25% dodge.
  • The Hero now receives +40% Speed when in this stance, regardless of whose land the stance is activated on.
  • Base activation reduced from 60 to 50 Energy

Demonic Power

  • The ability has been reworked. Now using it activates all 3 stances at once.
  • The Dark Power upgrade has been reworked: it now increases damage absorption to 50% and damage output by 20%.
  • Cooldown reduced from 100 seconds to 90.
  • Duration reduced to 8 seconds.
  • Base activation reduced from 300 to 250 Energy


  • Night Queen/Black Panther’s Feed the Panther ability now works correctly.
  • Fixed a client crash when Night Queen/Black Panther used the Slashing Throw ability on a large golden camp of Touched.
  • Cryo/Blizzard’s Blizzard ability now correctly deals damage to immobilized summoned creatures, such as Inventor’s turrets and Woodsman/Witch Doctor’s wicked trees.
  • Luna’s Stasis ability now works correctly against Sesha/Blade Master.
  • Raven’s Fiery Curse ability no longer deals damage if purification removes the effect.
  • Fixed instances where Mimi did not visually return to her small form for the rest of a game.
  • Mimi’s voiceover for abilities when in Grinches form is now correct.
  • Fixed rare cases when additional prime was not received from the Domination talent and its analogs used by ranged Heroes.
  • Arcane Wyrm/Dragonfly’s Ethereal Form ability with the Forest Symbol talent no longer works on allied soldiers.
  • Upgrading Forest Might no longer depends on how much Forest Symbol has been upgraded.


  • Fixed the fonts displayed in the Talent Forge/Talent Garden interface.
  • Fixed known cases of the game client dropping sometimes when loading Challenges mode.

Your Prime World Team