High ratings in Seasons

20 April 2017

Lords and Ladies!

As you already know from the announcement we published last week, seasons will be installed in the end of April — the beginning of May. Today we will reveal all secrets and describe how top ratings 2000 and above will change.

Rating changes on high ranks

Elo-rating* on high ranks becomes "thick" — changes show the player his/her real progress concerning others. Therefore, in update 11.0 2000+ global top positions on each Hero will be added to elo-rating.

*Calculation system of players’ relative level of skill that is used as rating system for the multiplayer competition in some games. The more players have one rating, the closer the decrease and increase in rating is. But the higher players’ rating becomes, the stronger it is influenced by the defeats. Victories, on the other hand, give players less points.

Absolute values are replaced by relative ones. Instead of faceless elo-figures, players with 2000+ rating will see their position concerning other players. We expect that it will increase motivation. Players will see their rating not only on the website, but also in the game — the rating table will be added to each Hero.

Matchmaking will still include absolute measures of elo-rating and try to select as many opponents as possible. Maximum rating won’t always be shown in Hero's profile.

Fig. 1. The maximum achievement will be shown in Hero's profile.


Complete rewards for Generals and Senseis will be:

  • unique flag  
  • unique frame
  • 1 main talent from the first three legendary sets for each Hero
  • 1 main talent from the fourth legendary set for each Hero
  • 350 Prime crystals


Fig. 2. In the beginning of the season each player will see the following notification.

Besides, we have prepared a special name according to their achievements for Generals and Senseis— the Legend is prepared.

Personal records of a "zero" season will remain in players’ profiles. If in the beginning of the first Season you have General or Sensei, references will remain regardless of the place you achieve in the Season. Nevertheless, if you kill your record the name will be replaced in a profile.

Home straight!

Please pay attention that the starting point of the seasons will be opened on April 20th at 23:59 UTC. Seasons launch is quite difficult, and it is necessary to fulfill a number of tasks in advance. Handling of all life of the draft of information which collected in years — one of such tasks.

ATTENTION! Manage to lift Heroes to the maximum ratings till 23:59 UTC on April 20th! After this mark of time, change of rating of Heroes (both increase, and lowering) won't be considered when calculating an award and starting position of your Heroes in the first season.




Once again we pay your attention that the timer counts time only before the end of "acceptance" of changes in the ratings of Heroes, but not before updating 11.0 update. Iit will be pleasant to relax and enjoy the game, without worrying about ratings.

Your Prime World Team