Quest chain for clan talents!

17 April 2017

Lords and Ladies!

Borderlands is overcrowded because of the Heroes who are preparing for the Seasons, trying to receive a higher rank. We are glad to support them in their achievements. Therefore, we launch a special quest chain with precious clan talents as a reward!

Unprecedented rarities!

Today, from April 17th, 9:00 UTC the first task in a quest chain will appear in your Castles. The Quest Chain will finish on April 24th. Apart from clan talents, for fulfilling the quest chain you will receive precious supplies: Prime and legendary crystals!

Please note! You can fulfill the quest chain at once. A new quest will open as soon as you finish the previous one.


Make 2 wins in Borderlands

Talent: Petrification


Kill 150 enemy soldiers in Borderlands


20 Prime crystals

  Make 30 assists in Borderlands Talent: Liberation
  Gather 75000 Prime in Borderlands   5 legendary crystals
  Make 3 wins in Borderlands Talent: Spatial Distortion

Don’t miss a chance to receive precious artifacts!

Your Prime World Team