When will you release the seasons?

10 April 2017

Lords and Ladies!

The spring is in the height, and it means that long-awaited seasons will soon come to Praia! Today we will discuss some important questions you asked us recently. You can find general information about seasons here. Today we will tell you about seasonal (and not only) awards and will also announce the approximate date when the seasons will appear in the game.


Question: From the beginning of seasons the rating will be recounted, and it will directly affect the awards for the since they depends on a rank. Are going to compensate this decrease somehow?

The award will be changed even more than you think. The binding between talents and the rank, is, of course, an important part of motivation to upgrade rating. However when the seasons are launched, there will be a lot of cool to compete for, to win the matches and upgrade the rating: unique seasonal skins, frames, flags and seasonal awards. Besides, talents for the fights can be more useful for beginners, rather than for skilled Lords and Ladies, because beginners should only dress Heroes in unique and exclusive talents.

Therefore, in update 11.0 (this number is assigned to the patch with seasons), the award will be identical to all ratings and will be equal to the maximum award in the game: 10 if you gain 130 and more points according to the results of the match in the Botherlands and its modifications. In the Outpost you will receive 4 talents if you gain 60 points.




Question: Will the players receive anything else but the skins, frames and flags?

Of course you will receive much more! Following the results of a season each player will receive a certain amount of crystals depending on in what league his Hero with the highest rating is .






Wooden league * (to Privates inclusive)

50 Prime crystals

Stone League * (Corporals and Sergeants)

110 Prime crystals

Bronze League * (Lieutenants and Captains)

180 Prime crystals

Silver League * (Majors and Colonels)

260 Prime crystals

Golden League * (Colonels and higher)

* The names of Leagues can be changed

350 Prime crystals

Besides, for each Hero in the Golden League players will receive one random main legendary talent from the first three sets.




Question: When will the seasons be released?

Release of the seasons will be in the end of April – the beginning of May. Don't forget about the main exclusive thing — a special skin for Blade Master/ Sesha. To receive the skin you have to reach the Major rank or high at least with one of the Heroes.




The following announcement will tell you about how 2000+ ratings will look like in the update 11.0.

Your Prime World Team